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2004 und aelter
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5-day Ritual Theatre I

The 5-day-Ritual Theatre develops three sequences, each takes 45 minutes. These are repeated four times a day over a period of five days. Ritual Theatre is a response to the need for the audience to define and actively participate in a contemporary ritual, leaving the traditional, constructed theatrical representation of a reality and entering a structure where the contents are the sensibility of the beholder as an individual.

The framework is as follows; there are two main spaces: the selected art-space, divided into an outer-, in-between- and inner-space, and the surrounding, free public/privatespace.

In the art-space two sequences of ca. 45 minutes take place.

1) is an interaction with body and voice where the participants in different numbers occupy the inner-space for ca. 3 minutes and leave the room empty for one minute 12 times.

In 2) the participants stay in the room, for a period of time until the first person leaves.

In 3), taking place in the publikc/private-space, the participants are left to do as they please. One action is offered in connection with the performance; the carrying of a water container between the art-space and a public area, emptying it in the public area and returning it full.

(published in: SEITEN 3/94, forumclaque Baden)