Body & Urban Space Projects


July 07 until 08/ 09, unlimited


07: Linz A, Graz A, Istanbul, Dresden, Greifswald D, Madrid
08: Stockholm (Jan), Bodrum (TR), Tromsö N (July)
09: Colmar F, Linz A, Arrecife Lanzarote
10: Colmar F


The city walks of Thomas Zollinger, follow a concept which is individually and specifically developed for each city. They involve an interaction with the unexpected and with the special conditions of a European urban environment. Elements include the reduction of walking speed to the point of standstill, dance which evolves from walking, interactive dance, erotic dates and word performance. The venue takes us, depending on the size of the project, through private apartments and vacant shop locations, which are sought after on the spot, and even through local city events, offices, shopping centres, galleries, art museums and factories.


The city walks are a non-stop performance usually lasting from 6 to 7 days including the planning, preparation and realization. Due to the length of time involved, elementary human acts such as eating, drinking, pissing, sleeping, speaking, sitting, moving, and touching, are worked into a theme and developed into an artistic expression. This means allocating elementary activities to previously designated routes in public spaces, in empty shop locations, in empty apartments, galleries and art museums, consequently resulting in creating performance art in interaction with invited project guests, passersby , the public and the media.