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2004 und aelter
bild & wort

CH loves Art

The overall project "CH loves Art" was provoked by the typical position of the artist without income as well as by the necessity to discuss elementary human acts in a long-term performance. For the period of 12 months, the artist was the spider in a continually built network of inwardly and outwardly knotted concepts, performances, events, people - which were documented in a catalogue of 144 published or public events.

On the background of the existential questions, which were connected to the 12-month Performance, it became necessary to invest the own existence into a research that exemplarily analysed the conditions of an artist's existence in Switzerland ("CH loves Art").

The final performance of "CH loves Art" took place in the Salle Poma of the Centre PasquArt Biel and showed the pure existence of 51 welfare recipients or non-welfare recipients (40 minutes standing 03/09/2001).

with 51 people who participated in the 40 minutes standing performance
with 144 voluntary and involuntary actors of CH loves Art