Magic of slow walking


„Much more convincing was an unannounced performance by Thomas Zollinger - it was only after the FAB that I have found out who the author was - which took place in the Guisan square at midnight: Two dozen people occupied this square for the duration of one hour. The traffic was discreetly diverted by the police. The people moved about the square in slow motion. A striking calmness was evoked, which obviously disquieted the coincidental passers-by; some youths tried to distract the concentrated performers, they started disturbing, put plastic chairs into the way, even threatened to strike the actors. However, these did not loose their stride but consequently proceeded. To me, it was the most impressing contribution to the issue of freedom, power and art."


Roman Brotbeck

(musicologist, was president of the Swiss sound artist association, today heading the music department of the Art Academy in Berne)