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Naked Performance The Non-Age

Saturday 06.06.2009, 17 Uhr, Kunsthalle Winterthur

Ther exhibition The Non Age (07.06.-26.07.) focuses on the taboo subject „Age". Themes in question here are the naked ageing body, its authenticity, wrinkled, furrowed skin, scarring, signs of life's wear and tear-or top fit. Truth is beauty.

In the gallery rooms are 10 naked, 55-85 yearold person. At the official opening the clothed guests then enter. Those who are naked behave as far as possible in a normal manner, mingling naturally among the clothed guest. About one hour later they leave the room independently of each other. They then return clothed.

Video projection in the Bienal de Lanzarote, theme: Energy, Crisis, Creation, 13th October 2009 -13th January 2010, Lanzarote, Canary Islands (Spain) / (various exhibitions including The Non-Age. The Rebel of Age. / Curator: Paco Barragán, Co-Production with Kunsthalle Winterthur, Zurich (Switzerland)