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Naked Slow Walk

Zagreb Trg Petra Preradovica, Zagreb I love you Festival
13/09/2014, 12.03h - 12.30h

Performance Thomas Zollinger, Elias Kirsche, Glynis Ackermann

Naked Slow Walking of the three performers in the pedestrian zone of Varsavska Street. After about 12 minutes, Elias Kirsche and Glynis Ackermann lay in a sculptural bodyformation on the pavement of Flower Square. Three minutes later the police appeared the square. They were talking with the lying performers while Thomas Zollinger, also naked, entered the scene from the outside with a slow approach. After 20 minutes the performance was definitily ended by the police and the naked performers put on their clothes. They were driven to the police station where they had to wait for 2 hours until the fine was paid by the organizers of the Festival.

The festival was inspired by artist Tomislav Gotovac's 1981 performance by the same name, in which he ran naked through the streets of Zagreb. The Festival theme discusses the status of the body in public space with "the challenge and confrontation involving the naked body and urban landscape in the historical core of the city, expressing in this way the duality between nature and culture." (Emil Matešić).