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2004 und aelter
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Naked Walking

24 x 45 minutes slow walking 5th serie
Various locations, starting March 2008 until August 2011

The walking tempo (max.1m./min.) is in slow motion and in this project, the participants are naked. The preferred location is an empty room or in the nature. This meditative project is always assigned to Sundays.

A. Two persons move towards one other in slow motion and come to a standstill facing each other.

B .A grouping of slow moving naked persons and the choreography which evolves out of this.

Walking is in an upright positure and as far as possbile in a continuous forward motion without pausing. Wide angle, „panorama" vision.

All 45 minute naked walking events will take place on a Sunday with a starting-time shift of 1hr per event: 01.15am., 02.15h am., 03.15am., and so on until 22 15pm., 23 15pm., 00 15am.

These series of 24x45 minutes naked walking were completed on August 14, 2011 with the very slow whirling of 5 men on a wooden bank in the region of Appenzell Switzerland. The overall concept covers 7 series, dedicated to the weekdays (since 2000).

Participants: Thomas Zollinger, friends, guests and persons who applied.