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2004 und aelter
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Artwalk with Nude Accents

Biel Switzerland Urban Space
Saturday 17 May 2014, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

18 naked people

Fixed route through Biel, from Guisan Square, Station Street to Central Square and the pedestrian zone of Nidaugasse. In this part of the city no permission of the authorities. The 18 participants were black clothed, only one person was naked all the time. Others were naked especially for one of 8 nude accent: Standing in Line, Walking down the Street, Mixed Cluster, Meeting at the Edge, Walking in a Circle, Lying and Breathing / Wave 11', Standing in Curved Line, Walking by. Nakedness is employed as a sculptural element in dialogue with the architectural environment, ground structures and pedestrian traffic.

The second part in the older town was police authorized, with a short Naked Cluster and the Procession of the Naked while bells were ringing.

Context: jolimai festival Biel Switzerland. After 6 p.m. performances in the Gallery "Alte Krone" with Alina Kopytsa, Glynis Ackermann, Gerard de Roodt, Selina Lauener, Elias Kirsche.

Concept / Head of Project: Thomas Zollinger, Camera: Adrian Scherzinger


Artwalk with Nude Accents from Naked Projects on Vimeo.


Procession of the Naked from Naked Projects on Vimeo.