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2004 und aelter
bild & wort

5-day Ritual Theatre II

Ritual Theatre handles talent and technique in a different way from conventional theatre. It is more free.

It has no pretence, rather it offers a being and doing where the traditional role of audience/viewers disappears. The audience becomes active participants not in the way of "joining in" or as part of a Therapy. It is rather an exercise in letting go, giving in and setting limits. A basic technique through which a steady growing sensitivity of spiritual and physical perception, a constantly extended level of presence is being developed. This does not turn into or pretend to be an artwork. What appears is creative action, a poetic moment.

With an openness towards the space, consciousness of the plasticity of the body and ist energy, images appear and disappear and in the rarest case they are retained in the participant's memory.
None of this can be reproduced and it cannot be repeated. This is flow. The means are simple. Waiting for impulses and then giving in to them fully. Allowing for simple events to happen and to follow and develop them. Keeping positions and in the right moment letting them go.

The openness which is fundamental to this Theme requires precise spatial and temporal structures.
The clarity of this presents a room for spontaneous action and makes it possible for the participants to reduce any inner resistance.


(published in: SEITEN 3/94, forumclaque Baden)