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2004 und aelter
bild & wort

Without Material

Biel Zentralplatz
Saturday 27th August, 11h-17h

Glynis Ackermann, Gisela Hochuli, Monica Klingler, Bruno Steingruber, Thomas Zollinger

The 3d in a serie of 6 x 6 hr Performances in 6 different places, inside or outside, in Basel, Berne or Zurich. Performers worked "without material" only with the possibilities of their bodies, in interaction with passers-by or in dialogue with the square. Who is "performing"? What means "performing"? What is everyday behavior?

The project started on 17th April 2011 in Basel in the empty Kasko, a space for contemporary project, with Glynis Ackermann, Markus Goessi, Gisela Hochuli, Monica Klingler, Boedi S. Otong, Thomas Zollinger.

(1) Zurich Turbinenplatz 10/06/2011
(2) Basel NT-Areal 03/07/2011
(3) Biel Zentralplatz 27/08/2011
(4) Bellelay Abbatiale 01/10/2011
(5) Jegenstorf Schlosspark 10/12/2011 as "non-event"
(6) Bern Progr 23/12/2011