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2004 und aelter
bild & wort

24 x45 Minutes Walk 1 Series

Various locations


The conceptual- exhibition, "Going Further", initiated an array of new walking projects, including 7 series of 24 x 45 Minutes Walk, each allocated to a specific weekday.

The first series was dedicated to Wednesdays, and coincided with the conceptual-exhibition, "Going Further". The second series took place on Thursdays and played a role in the sequential project," CH. Loves Art," as a catalyst for the "Non Answerable Artistic Questions"(19.04.-30.8. 2001.) This series was broken off following the 40 Minutes Standing of 51 persons ( 03.09.2001.). The third series took place on Fridays and was carried out exclusively in the Gewölbe Gallery of Martin Jegge in Biel.(19.7.2003.-09.01. 2004.) Walking-To The Limits of Art, between Lab.exercise and public performance, on the intersection of " Life". In the fourth series, held on Saturdays, project guests were invited to determine the location for the walk.(17.09.2005-25.2.2006).

Wednesday 24x45 Minutes Walk, 1. Series, Start 21.15h (2000).Thursday 24x45 Minutes Walk, 2.Series, Start 22.15h. (2001). Friday 24x45 Minutes Walk, 3. Series, Start 23.15h (2003). Saturday 24x45 Minutes Walk, 4. Series, Start 00.15h (2005). Sunday 24x45 Minutes Walk, 5. Series, Start 01.15h (2006).Monday 24x45 Minutes Walk, 6.Series, Start 02.15h. Tuesday 24x45 Minutes Walk 7.Series Start 03.15h.

Thomas Zollinger and Others