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2004 und aelter
bild & wort


16/07 to 20/08/2002
strassbourg to sion

thomas zollinger moved from strasbourg/strassburg (france) to sion/sitten (switzerland), during 36 consecutive days (16th of july until 20th of august). he was hiking, slow walking, standing, dancing his way 6 hours a day along the border between the german and french language boundary. his "art body" (6 hours) took turns with his "everyday body" (18 hours). he arrived in biel/bienne on 1st of august and passed through an empty gallery as well as an empty office, an empty apartment and an empty bank safe on 2nd of august. on his way he honoured the expo.02 of switzerland and its "3000 events in 159 days" with the ultimate non-event, exposing himself at the exposition entrance in the waiting crowd who was doing the same: standing briefly or at length. on 4th of august, he visited the opening of an exposition in siselen, standing there for 36 minutes. afterwards, thomas zollinger disappeared in the seeland, actually not in the murtensee (lac de morat, lake of murten), reappearing on 6th of august in fribourg/freiburg. he took a picture message every hour between basel/bâle and sion/sitten (mms gallery). he sent sounds of the steps and the surroundings by mobile phone directly into an empty gallery outside of the expo.02 (espace libre) and into the sound tower (klangturm) inside the expo.02.