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2004 und aelter
bild & wort

Two Nudes Walking On A Straight Line / 24x45 minutes walking 6th serie

Places variable

Dates variable, always on a monday

Hours fixed

on 24 mondays, in each case one hour later, slow walking of 2 persons during 45 minutes on a straight line max 1m/min, naked, touching each other and continousely moving, at a place outside or inside

(a) Thomas Zollinger with a person invited, male (M) or female (F) or a person inviting herself / himself

(b) Two persons inviting themselves M7M, F/M or F/F

This new slow walking project is the sixth project in a serie of 24x45minutes walking. The overall concept contains 7 series, dedicated to all days of the week. The former series concerned Wednesday (2000), Thursday (2001), Friday (2003), Saturday (2005/2006), Sunday (2008-2011).

01 Monday 25/12/2017, 02.15h-03.00h, Roggwil CH Studio Stage, M/F

02 Monday                     03.15h-04.00h,

03 Monday                     04.15h-05.00h,

04 Monday                     05.15h-06.00h,




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