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2004 und aelter
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going further

23/06 to 19/07/2000
Gewölbe Galerie Biel/Bienne

The exposition concept "weiter gehen" (going further) presented an art gallery with video installation, its clearing away in order to create en empty space for the 24-hour Ritual Theatre and slow motion walk performances. The 24-hour Ritual Theatre took place from 30/06 to 01/07/2000, from 3 p.m. to 3 p.m. with a water kettle carrying. The kettle was carried through an empty shop, an empty apartment and the Gewölbe Galerie (vault gallery), while the streets were full of people because of the "braderie", an expanded market an fun park all over the city.
Performance: Boedi S. Otong, Marianne König, Thomas Zollinger and other water kettle carriers